Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Being a DumbAss

Who would have ever imagined?
Someone always looking down at others,
would ultimately start mocking his own self.

Its sad but true, tragic but non-deniable!
What has happened can't be changed,
but life is new every single moment..

Hopefully the dumbass would learn some lessons
And stop repeating his regular mistakes,
What can change when, who knows?

A Perfect Example of DumbAss :) ;)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Who are you making happy

By giving away your whole life for a petty problem,
By making your nears & dears cry their heart out,
By increasing the level of stress among your peers,
Just tell me, who exactly are you making happy?

I had known you socially since a long time now,
Never did I realize what's going inside your heart.
Wish I could have stopped you from doing this,
But now its too late as you are gone so far away!

I'm feeling sad and angry at the same time:
I do feel compassion for your miserable state,
But I just can't seem to forgive the punishment
That you have given to your parents & friends.

I understand you are not the only one to blame,
Its a cumulative fault of society's inactions.
Why do I keep questioning the harsh reality,
Did we have the power to prevent this mishap?

"Yes" comes the answer from my subtle self.
We were too weak to stand against the wrong.
We did let the negative tendencies take over us.
Our silence lost to the the loud roar of depression! :(

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Alone with my Loneliness

Don't think you are the first one, my love!
There have been many others before you,
who have shattered to pieces my little heart
and have left me all alone with my loneliness!

You couldn't understand my selfless love,
but it is not your fault nor anybody else's.
I'm myself responsible for my merciful state,
so I deserve to stay alone with my loneliness!

Maybe I suffocated you with too much care,
which you perceived in your own weird way.
Without my knowing you began to walk away,
and I find myself all alone with my loneliness!

Silver lining in the cloud of darkness is that:
I have started to cherish my own company.
No longer I give a damn to the  judgmental world,
and now I don't feel alone despite my loneliness!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Story of My Life

Sitting all alone in my hostel room,
i wonder what life is & what it can be!
The word "strategy" comes to my mind,
bcoz that's what bridges the gap between
where we are & where we want to be!

Yes i like the subject strategic management,
thus i can remember the simple definition.
I ponder upon it but don't feel to study,
Is this the MBA in which i longed to be?

My present life sucks but i can't help it,
the desires obstruct my own aspirations.
Laziness & hunger overpower the true Me.
Is this the empowerment that i claim to be?

I'm getting older and older everyday.
They say age brings maturity & dispassion,
but experience made me realize otherwise:
Being a child is what i really want to be!

No kidding! With my hair i have also lost
the natural charm, creativity & all the fun.
I just pretend but am actually a hypocrite,
Are these the ethics that i grew up to be?

Sitting all alone in my hostel room,
i wonder what life is & what it can be!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Some Really Hilarious Jokes :)

This one i had posted as my fb status two days back....

Mom: Beta Khana Khayega?
Beta: Na.

Mom: Laddu?
Beta: Na.

Mom: Ice Cream?
Beta: Na.

Mom: Bilkul Sharad Pawar Pe Gaya Hai tu,

         THAPPAD Hi Khayega...... ;)

And these are some more(also very cool)...

Bhoot 1: Tum kaise maare?
Bhoot 2: Thand se.

Bhoot 1: Aur tum??
Bhoot 2: Sharam se.

Bhoot 1: Wo kaise?

Bhoot 2: Biwi pe shak tha, sara ghar dhund daala..
             Lekin koi nahi mila.
Bhoot 1: Saale refrigerator dekh leta,
             Toh dono bach jaate..

Gaon me Bijli aane wali thi, isliye sab log Bahut Khush the. Gaon ka ek Kutta bhi Bahut Khush tha.

Sab ne poochha: Tu kyun Khush hai?

Wo bola: Bijli aayengi to Khambe bhi Lagenge na... ;)

Girl : Mujhe ek msg 40 logo ko bhejna hai,
         toh kaise bheju?

Customer Care: Kya msg hai ?
Girl:  Hi Janu, I have no balance,
plz 100 ka rechrage karva do.!

Ek Khoobsurat Ladki ne Aapse Lift Maangi, Raaste mein Uski Tabiyat Kharab ho gayi. 
Aap Usse Hospital le gaye... 
Doctor Bola: Aap Baap Banne Wale Ho!!

Aap Bole: Main Iska Baap Nhi Hun.
Phir Ladki Boli: Yahi Iska Baap hai!

Police Aayi, Apka Medical Check-up hua. 
Report aayi: Aap Kabhi Baap Hi Nhi Ban Sakte! 

Aapne Ladki se Peecha Chhootne ke Liye Thank God Kaha, Aur Nikal Liye, 
Phiir socha yeh-: "GHAR PE JO 2 BACCHE HAIN, VO KISKE HAIN?? :D 
This is Real Tension.. ;)

LOLz.... :D

Monday, November 7, 2011

Seva (Volunteer Work)

Yo, i just returned yesterday after meeting Guruji in Barackpore's Mahasatsang. It was a simply fabulous experience(a first of its kind) where 30 of us from ISM went on a one-day bus ride to meet our beloved Guruji.  Apart from the obvious fun-n-frolic, i can't tell how much sattva(merit) i must have earned because of this one trip. (I could feel it during my meditations during and past the event ;) What can be a bigger seva than taking devotees to their Guru...

And seva was what Guruji talked about during his discourse in the mahasatsang. He told Seva is what you do when you feel that connection with the Divine. When you feel that oneness with God, you automatically tend to do something beneficial for His people. I felt so proud on hearing this because it made me confident of my Bhakti(a virtue thats no so easy to cultivate). Volunteer work is my passion and comes very naturally to me, and equally natural and suttle is my proud connection with the master.

Really, i'm soaked in full gratitude as i write this post as i'm feeling very fortunate to have got so many good opportunities to serve people in the past, present and even the future to come. Yo Guruji, Thank you so much... You rock!!! :)

JGD.... ;)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My DSN experience

Since the past two weeks i have been working for organizing YES!+ DSN in Dhanbad. So while working i was reminded of my first DSN which i did about one and a half years back with Rajesh bhaiya in Ranchi. What an unexpected course it was..!! The first bomb that was dropped on all of us was that the course got extended by one day. Imagine people had come from different cities adjusting their schedule booking their tickets and all. And suddenly we were told to change it all. Very uncomfortable situation! Yet all but one successfully went through it.

Then when Rajesh bhaiya arrived, he scared us all off with a non-smiling face(not at all typical of him). Aisa gazab ka dara diya tha bhaiya ne with the kind of punishments he used to give. Doosro ko punishment me dekhte hue hi apni fat jaati thi. But uss darr k saath-saath knowledge ka jo dose milta tha, that too with its real-life implementation, that is truly indescribable. Aur saath me jo masti hoti thi, subhan aalah!! The amount of dancing and bonding that happened was beyond all my expectations. I had never thought ki Art of Living course me itna nachaaya ja sakta hai, vo bhi bhajans pe nahi.. dhinchak filmy gaano pe! And i had also never thought ki ek anjaan shehar me jaakar jahaan main kisiko nahi jaanta, i'll develop such deep bonds that i can't ever break throughout my life. As i write this experience am actually feeling very overwhelmed, quite similar to what i felt while doing the course.

And what happened after the course is history. I single-handedly introduced YES!+ in my college ISM Dhanbad with a grand course of 108 participants. Obviously i took help from my juniors and seniors who were somewhat related to AOL. But 108 is a big number and i feel proud of myself for organizing that course. First day when the course was about to start i got a call from Rajesh Bhaiya himself to congratulate me on my success. I remember his words, "You have done so good that i had no choice but to call you." Tears of gratitude fell down my eyes. He also told me to share my experience in YES!+ Delhi pages so that they can also get inspired by my story. Though very late, but am implementing what he asked me to do.

Love you Rajesh bhaiya(and of course Guruji) for changing my life with your love..!!

JGD :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011


I just got the news of my maasi's death from my mother. I was obviously shocked to hear. But i used the knowledge about death given by Guruji during Pitaji's death and was able to stay calm, much more calm than i was when i learnt about my grandfather's death which is the last death of a closed one that i remember.

I was quite close to her and shared an extremely friendly relationship with her. In my childhood i used to call her informally saying "tu" and thus our relationship had no respect-related issues. It is pretty obvious that i'm extremely sad at her death and will miss her immensely.

I was in Bangalore when Pitaji expired and thus clearly remember the lessons given by Guruji at that time about death. One of those lessons was to take even death as a celebration in the sense that one person has completed the journey of this lifetime successfully and another one was to meditate as a means of mourning. As soon as i kept my mother's phone down, i told my friend about the loss and then sat down to meditate for few minutes. Few moments of silence was all i could offer her after she had passed away.

There was no purpose of getting sad as my sadness could not bring her back to life. But at the same time it is humanly impossible to be joyful at such moments. And so i decided to dive fully into the grief all at once instead of trying to be happy momentarily for the time being and then taking this pain later in instalments. By doing this its not that i won't remember her later, but i think its better to cry it all out so that you are able to move on with your routine life

Guruji had also told to take any death you come across as a realization of the ultimate truth of life, Death.
One moment a person is a normal breathing-walking-talking human being and next moment he is just a body having all the biological parts that a living person has, but still not alive. What is it that goes missing from the body at that moment of death? What is that life force which distinguishes the living from the death?
Staying with these questions is all that is required to change the life's perspective and to cross to the other shore. 

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dr. Humour

I'm not talking about any humorous and funny doctor  here. Its just that i have got into the habit of addressing people and things as "doctor" ever since i have made my mind to do Ph.D after my post-graduation in management. ;) ;)

Vaise, if we think from another angle, humour can very well be considered as a doctor because humour is very effective in changing our attitude towards problems and thus is of great aid in solving those problems. It is very obvious that if we take any adverse situation in good spirits, we get into a much better state of mind so as to deal with the situation.

For example, if someone insults me in front of a huge crowd, i have two options- either i can take it on my heart and feel very bad about it or i can simply give a humorous reply to the person, thus saving my grace and at the same time freeing my mind from the negative post-effects of the insult. And if i choose the second option, i become a "Verito Man"  (Refer the new advertisement of Mahindra Verito below..)

I know this was a bad joke ;) :P
Sometimes too many of such poor jokes cause irritation instead of humour. And we all have atleast one person in our lives who irritates so much with bad humour that it is difficult to tolerate him even for one minute. (I use "him" because usually it is an irritating boy) Such people spoil the whole flavour of humour and consequently people get so pissed off with humour and light-heartedness that they stop smiling at all and have a continuous grin on the face. This is not a sign of good living.

Humour is essential for a happy and fulfilling life. That is why, it is good to encourage few moments of light-heartedness amidst working on a serious project. This helps in creating a relaxed mindset which is essential for making right decisions and doing right actions, thereby maximizing the working efficiency.

So, smile and be free!!! :) :)


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

One Good Thing Leads To Another

Yes i had heard this proverb before also but today i actually experienced this happen to me. Its actually a very small instance and it may seem stupid to even write on blog. But i think that this observation made a difference to my life.

Here's the thing... Actually for the past 10-12days i was a little pissed off with myself. I had got my best friend Rahul terribly wounded, about which i was feeling really bad. What also pinched me were my growing unhygienic habits. I was keeping my room utterly untidy. I didn't even use to clean my bed before going to sleep. My room smelled of rat's shit. All my winter clothes were dirty and i didn't care for giving them to laundry. My bathing frequency had decreased drastically. I had even become irregular with my kriya. I was having a tough time with few of my group members at the ongoing survey camp. I had got scolded by a prof for bad performance in his subject's end-sem exam. I was informed that i'll have to cancel my trip to bangalore as the scheduled viva on 2nd jan was not getting postponed. Overall speaking, nothing seemed to be going right for me.

However today when i was returning after doing the survey task, i accompanied Rahul to the main gate and just hung out. It felt good to see his recovery and regaining lost terms with him after the accident. And then, as the title of this post says, one good thing led to another. I returned to my room and kept water for heating so that i can take bath, went to the laundry to give dirty clothes and take back the washed ones. After bathing and wearing cleaned clothes after a reasonable time gap, i even felt like meditating, which i wasn't feeling like doing since the past few days. So i did my kriya and had quite healthy dinner, after which i watched an episode of the vampire diaries. And now here i am all set to go to sleep, even before 11pm. I hope this series of good things will continue with me getting up early tomorrow and cleaning up the rest of my room( i have already cleaned my bed).

I do know that these series of good and bad things would continue throughout my life. But what i have realized is that bad things are just a doorway for good things to happen. The pinch or learning experience that we get from the bad things ultimately leads to a good thing, after which more good things follow.

Alright. Enough said for now. Good night!